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Desktop Appraisal

Affordable & Accurate & No interior Inspection

Home Values Nationwide desktop value analysis is designed to mirror the research and conclusion that would take place if a full appraisal (interior/exterior inspection) were to be completed.  The Home Values Nationwide analysis is “Desktop” base and no physical inspection of the property will take place.  The methodology employed in analyzing and selecting ‘Comparable” sales data is based on fundamental appraisal principles in addition to the most current and very specific lending guidelines.  The accuracy of the findings is based on the accuracy of data provided to the analyst.  Ancillary information including photographs, commentary as well as public records.  

Desktop Appraisal Report

Completed by a Local Licensed: Real Estate Appraiser

  • Information provided via online order form
    1. Upload photos of property interior if available
    2. Provide updates/upgrades (condition)
    3. Provide any information that may help with most accurate analysis


  • Report includes
    1. All information provided via order form
    2. Photographs supplied by MLS, Public Records, Satellite image
    3. Property history study by local Appraiser
    4. Analysis of local market data
    5. Detailed comparables
    6. Interpretation of public & Mls data
    7. USPAP compliant

  • Cost effective( 20% of the cost of a traditional appraisal)
  • Helps guide borrowers in pursuit of a Refinance or Purchase
  • Providing a value added service to Realtors
  • Increasing lenders efficiency by identifying loans that will work in respect to value
  • Support market data to support defense against inaccurate appraisals
  • Portfolio / Asset valuation / Estate planning / Divorce

Desktop Appraisal

Know The Facts Before You Spend The Extra Money

Reports Provide

  • Greater accuracy – Completed by licensed Appraiser
  • Faster results – No physical interior inspection
  • Comprehensive range – Single family, townhouse, condo
  • Technology & processes – Both quantitative & qualitative appraisal methodology

  • Online order form
  • Upload photos online
  • In-depth research on property
  • USPAP-Compliant
Why use Home Values Nationwide?

  • Cost savings
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Local Appraisers

When a Traditional Appraisal is not Necessary

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