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Are you selling or refinancing your house? Maybe you’re settling an estate, getting a divorce or simply curious about the value of your home. There are plenty of reasons why you should get an estimate on your largest personal investment.

Know The Facts Before You Spend The Extra Money
The same home value products used by lenders throughout the country are now offered to you through Home Values Nationwide. These products have guided millions of homeowners and real estate professionals through all types of real estate transactions. Using one or multiple Home Values Nationwide products before you make an offer to buy, sell, follow through with a refinance or any other personal reason you made need to know the value of your home can potentially help you save thousands.

1. What’s my Home Really Worth?
●   This is located on the home page. Instant home value estimate calculated from public records intended as a useful starting point to help you determine an independent and unbiased assessment of what your home might be worth in today’s market.

2. Electronic Home Appraisal
●   A detailed residential valuation report designed to replicate the conventional appraisal method that can be obtained in a matter of seconds. This is the same product used by many banks and lenders during the loan process. This is a technology driven report using public record data and computer decision logic combined to provide a logical calculated estimate of a probable price of a residential property.

3. Desktop Appraisal
●    The desktop appraisal report is a detailed home appraisal report completed by a licensed appraiser. This method does not include a physical inspection of the subject property, but includes all the considerations and calculations of a traditional appraisal. Each report provides a comprehensive analysis of the subject and comparable properties. Along with a detailed adjustment graph, the most recent satellite images and/or MLS photos of the subject and comparables are provided. Our desktop products are popular with our Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Homeowners and a host of other professionals with a need for the valuation of Real Estate All of Home Values Nationwide products can assist with making an informed decision. Each product can be obtained individually or combined to further educate both the consumer and commercial parties.


All of Home Values Nationwide products can assist with making an informed decision. Each product can be obtained individually or combined to further educate both the consumer and commercial parties

Home Appraisal Tips


Electronic Home Appraisal & Desktop Appraisal can assist with comparables. Providing your appraiser with at least three solid and well-priced comparable properties. You will save the appraiser some work, and insure that the appraiser is getting price information from homes that really are similar to yours.


If you’re going to do minor renovations, start with your kitchen and bathrooms. Wood floors, landscaping and an enclosed garage can also drive up appraisals


If you’ve put money into the house, prove it. “Before-and-after photos, along with a well-defined spreadsheet of what was spent on each renovation, this may persuade an appraiser to turn in a number that far exceeds what he or she first called out.”

Don’t forget to highlight all-important structural improvements to electrical systems, heating and cooling systems – which are harder to see, but can dramatically boost an appraisal. Show receipts.


Appraisers can be swayed by a good looking yard. “Tree trimming, cleaning up, a few flowers in the flower beds and paint touch up can all help the appraisal. That advice holds true indoors, too. “Get rid of all the clutter in your home,” It also makes the home appear larger. And while you’re at it, make the appraiser’s job as pleasant as possible by giving your home a pleasant smell. At a minimum, clean out the litter box


Many homeowners love that finished basement, but that doesn’t mean appraisers look at it the same way. “Improvements and additions made below grade, such as a finished basement, do not add to the overall square footage of your house. So they don’t add anywhere near as much value as improvements made above grade like a bedroom in the attic.